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How to maximize your profit and cut losses?

Max profit is the main task for all traders, but everyone is trying to achieve it in different ways. The most important rule to achieve the maximization of profit is, therefore minimizing losses.

Another way to maximize profits is a method of increasing positions in long-term price movement. There is a view that if it is determined the trend and open the first position, you should not close it, and translate without loss and, after waiting for the completion of the correction to increase the first position of the additional volume. Thus, given the wave movement of the market, it is possible to maximize profits, but do not forget about the loss limits. Read forex currency trading tips for profitable trading.

Traders use margin trading for deals. Margin trading istransactions and trading on provided by the broker or dealing center loan capital. This trade involves a certain amount of collateral, which will act as loan collateral. When closing the position, the financial result is calculated as the difference between the purchase and sale of an asset, the return of the amount of collateral occurs, taking into account the loss or profit.

It is worth noting that the actual delivery of funds in margin trading is actually not. For transactions that are speculative in nature, the object of trade by itself is not interesting. Just to be able to perform trade operations, resulting in the receipt of income from currency fluctuations.

A special feature of this scheme is that it requires mandatory opposite transactions in the same amount of currency to the time difference. That is, if the first operation was to buy, then after a while it will sell, and vice versa.

What is necessary for the transaction?

The term means the necessary margin of bail, the trader must pay to a broker or dealing center account for opening a position a certain amount. This amount will also depend on the leverage that is chosen by the trader.

For example, if you use the leverage of 1: 100, the margin required shall be 1% of the total amount of the bargain. The lower the leverage, the required margin is greater, and vice versa. If you want to open a deal of 3 standard lots with the leverage of 1: 100, which amounts to 300 000 units of base currency, in this case, the necessary margin will be 1%, ie – 3000 currency units.

Losses are inevitable, but could be forecasted.

The concept involves the floating drawdown, or a real loss on the trading account of the trader, which is expressed in figures or percentages. First drawdown expressed as a loss not taken place, but when you close a losing position – the amount of subsidence is deducted from the account. If the drawdown reaches 100%, it means the loss of full deposit.

Since there is no strategy that provides only positive results of all transactions, the percentage drawdown laid in each of them. In terms of drawdown trading methods can be divided into conservative (10-15%) and aggressive (50%).

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File Storage System

downlreeoadHaving a copy of vital files is always a good option. In big MNCs, there are lots of documents, records of every individual and so on. Therefore it is imperative to store documents. But there comes a point in time where the papers eat up on your floor and storage space. At such times, a file storage system comes in handy.

Storing your documents at a secured location is helpful for your own business premises, and in addition to this, you get more space in your office/work place. So let’s us get you started as to why having a file storage system is vital asset for your organisation. It reduces risk, makes finding information less time-consuming, and also saves money.

The file storage system not only keeps your office space to an optimum but ensures your staff will work at their maximum. Get done with the headache of constant file retrieval from stacked boxes. Now files won’t get lost or misplaced and won’t deteriorate through handling. Storing your files someplace else, keeps them in a pristine condition. It really is the smart way to go.

Therefore, it is the best practice to do a clean-up of your files and store them at a secured facility at every quarter. With that in mind, corporate and organisations should set up a file storage process.

There are many companies in the file document storage where they securely store your files/documents in their secured facility. These days a lot of start-ups are offering innovative ways to storing your files. The truth is that it can get a bit steep on the financial front, but will give you the space you are looking for desperately. In India, storage service facilities help you with e.g. dissembling, packing, transporting and then storing it in their storage facility, so that your goods remain in sound and usable condition. Similar storage experts offer you a storage system by keep your records secured until you need it or till destruction whichever comes first.

But there are other services which, from the comfort of your house, can be picked up after a free survey is conducted to get a better understanding of how much space is needed. If you require any of your goods back, you get your delivery in 48 hours right back at your doorstep.

You always know where your documents are, and can access them instantly. It is a far better alternative to your filing cabinet.

Blow Moulding Explained

yuAlthough green activism against the usage of polythene-based products like plastics has spread across the world, their relevance in the packaging of different consumer items is growing stronger with each passing day. Evident are the wide range of plastic-based durables like combs, taps, cutlery, domestic and industrial appliances.

There are the examples of bottled products like filtered water in the guise of mineral water, beverages, canned food, edible oils, cosmetics and medicines etc. All these items that are dispensed in the market are an outcome of PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) packaging.

This exclusive mode of packaging is based on the technology of extrusion moulds (spelt as molds in American English). In turn, the blow molding machine manufacturers have risen to the occasion to meet the constant demands in the international markets.

In the first process of extrusion blow molding, the molten plastic forms into a parson, a tubular hollowed piece with a hole in one end for compressed air to pass. This parson is clamped into a mould that is made as per desired design. No sooner than the molten plastic is cooled, it solidifies and the mould opens up to eject it. There are two modes of extrusion blow molding. One of them is constant extrusion of the parson while the other is intermittent.

The continuous extrusion blow moulding can be carried out with two types of systems:

  • Rotary Wheel
  • Shuttle machinery

In the intermittent blow molding process, the operations are carried out either by

  • Reciprocating Screw machinery or
  • Accumulator Head machinery

Almost all the products with hollow features are products of extrusion blow moulding.

The process of extrusion blow molding has certain advantages like low-cost in making of a die, faster rates of production, scope to mould odd and complex designs. In contrast, the disadvantages are designs restricted to only hollow features, low strength and the inability to recycle the multi-layer parson made from different materials.

As for the injection and injection stretch molding, it is the preform that functions.

In this process, there are two types:

  • Single stage
  • Two stage

In the single stage process of injection moulding, there are two types, namely 3-station and 4-station machinery.

The advantages of injection stretch blow molding are that the quantity can be voluminous, least possible restrictions on designs and ample scope for recycling and use on a third application. However, this type of procedure has certain disadvantages like high capital-intensiveness, need for larger shop floor and production being restricted to bottles and phials only.

The manufacturers of blow moulding machinery have proved their versatility in this sector. Different reputed companies across the globe have excelled by catering to the needs of millions of users at home as well as abroad with tailor-made machinery and PET preform of high quality.

How to Craft an Intriguing Elevator Pitch or Byline

poThe typical elevator pitch goes like so:

I help the blah blah blah do the blah blah blah… YAWN!

Does that sound like yours?

Are you excited about sharing your elevator speech, or do you drag your feet in those networking events hoping you’d never have to whip it out?

After spending 6 weeks agonizing over an elevator pitch, how many times have you actually used it?

Is whatever script you landed on so freakin’ boring and formulaic that you’d rather dress like captain underpants than recite your elevator pitch that makes you sound like everybody else?

If you aren’t excited about what you’re saying, how can you expect others to be convinced?

Even if you don’t go to networking events, writing an elevator pitch is still a great exercise in honing in on your marketing communication with a very useful final product…

– The process makes you get crystal clear on you “why, who and how” so you can focus on doing what matters

– The process helps you distill your marketing message to something succinct that can easily be grasped by others

– The process forces you to be intentional about your word choices, and nail down how to present your work so it appeals to your ideal clients (you can then rinse and repeat it in your content and copy)

– Repeating the process periodically can give you the gut-check opportunity to see if your marketing communication is still in alignment with your soul-level message. You’re NOT married to your elevator pitch – with each iteration you evolve closer to articulating your WHY.

– The paragraph you come up with can be used to pitch media opportunities, or adapted as byline in guest posts or introduction in podcasts (the first TWO words in mine has scored me quite a few podcast interviews – read on to find out what they are)

– The elevator pitch you write can be adapted for your social media profiles so you can be consistent across the board (140 characters! It’s a disciplined process to be succinct and impactful at the same time.)

The process gives you the opportunity to understand what’s important for YOU, tease out what your ideal clients need to know about you to want to learn more, and chew on every word to make sure there’s no fluff in your communication.

First thing first, we’re going to break the templates – they are BORING, make you sound “blah blah blah” and get your audience to tune out.

What’s wrong with the typical elevator pitch formula?

They talk about what you do, who you help and what results you deliver.

Which is fine. BUT…

It doesn’t really answer “why YOU?” Who are YOU, really?

There’re many people who do what you do, selling to the same market, delivering similar results.

It’s probably not your audience’s first rodeo. They’ve heard it all. How can you make a first impression that connects and resonates with them?

Elevator pitch, if done wrong, turns you into a COMMODITY.

If you say “I’m a health coach helping women lose weight” – you’re pitching yourself against ten thousand other health coaches and a million other “weight loss” solutions. Ouch.

Not a battle you want to fight.

Good news is…

I’ve got 5 secret ingredients for an elevator pitch that will make your audience perk up and pay attention…

1. Personality

Letting your personality shine through will help you stand out from a sea of sameness that are your competitors who work with the same people promising the same results.

Communicating your personality makes you look/sound like a HUMAN BEING and increases the trust factor, which lends well to building a relationship conducive to conversion.

Your elevator pitch doesn’t have to “pop and sizzle” – in fact, it can backfire if it doesn’t reflect who you are.

What are the words that ring true for you, so you feel confident and comfortable when you say them out loud?

2. Identity

Your elevator pitch needs to evoke an identity in your audience – essentially communicating that you work with people they aspire to become – to increase their desire to work with you.

How can you evoke an identity in your audience so they get inspired to work with you?

3. Point-of-View and Value

Having a point-of-view is essential in anchoring your message and cultivating credibility.

Having a shared value is magnetic to your ideal clients.

How do you communicate your point-of-view and values in a short paragraph?

A lot lie in the words you use and how you phrase your sentences.

Can you make a bold statement about your work that also reflect your beliefs and values?

4. Intrigue

People have an Internet attention span shorter than that of a goldfish (6 – 8 seconds) – you need to capture their attention and make them curious enough to find out more.

It doesn’t mean you’ve to pull some stunt if it’s not your personality. The key is to find the words or a phase that appeal to your ideal clients while piquing curiosity.

How can you communicate why you’re different beyond a conventional “title?”

5. Power of Word Choice

A good elevator pitch is lean and mean. Cut the fluff – make every word count.

A mouthful is never sexy. It gives you more chances to babble, instead of sounding certain and confident.

What bugs me a whole lot is how everyone seems to start with “I help… ”

It may make sense (especially for those in the “helping” profession,) but it always feels “weak” to me. It doesn’t say a whole lot about YOU – everybody can go about having an intention of helping people.

When you put together your elevator pitch, chew on every single word to make sure it packs a punch. Every word needs to add something new and relevant to the pot.

What makes you tick? What would evoke excitement in your ideal clients?

Does it make you feel confident when you say it out loud? Does it give enough information to your audience for them to want to learn more?

Does it point to your values, POV and personality, enough to distinguish you from your competition so your audience would want to find out more?

Intuitive Brainiac | Copywriting Alchemist. Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling helps the maverick-preneurs uncover, articulate & transform their WHY into content that connects, resonates and converts – by way of her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 10 years of experience in the online marketing industry.

What Makes It So Great?

gNo doubt, you are well aware of Bus Duct, an effective way to transfer a sustainable amount of current in an electricity distribution system. Several of its types including Plug-in, Segregated, Electrical, Isolated Phase, and Sandwich Bus Duct and Rising Mains etc. are easily available in the market to choose from. These are widely used in various industries and therefore, highly demanded in the universal market.

Among all one of its important type is Isolated-Phase Bus Duct, in which each conductor is together with an individual metal housing that it separated from the adjacent conductor. The reason behind its popularity is its countless benefits and some of them are as follows. So, have a look below to know about them.

Reduce phase-to-phase fault danger: One of the major benefits of this type of bus duct is that it’s minimal the phase-to-phase fault danger, which may affect badly your overall wiring system and cause short-circuits or fire accident. To avoid such risk, these are installed in the industry, where a load of current is heavy.

The Revolutionary Changes in the World of Motion Control and Automation Technology

yuThe growing preference towards increasing the efficiency of the workflow and precision operational control of automated machines reflect that many businesses are constantly on the lookout for products that can consistently and reliably fulfill their needs and preferences. In this regard, trusted manufacturers have been playing an important role in fulfilling these needs by investing heavily in the development & manufacturing process in the field of motion control and automation technology.

By specializing in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of highly efficient and powerful motion control, data acquisition, test and measurement, and as well as, automation with core-hopping technologies, manufacturers are currently leading the revolutionary changes in the world of motion control and automation technology.

Prioritizing motion control and automation technology

For today’s business to achieve and sustain their growth targets to focus and acquire high efficiency in their operations is considered absolutely essential and so the ever-increasing role of motion control and automation technology have been steadily growing in importance.

How Is the CNC Spring Forming Machine Beneficial for Manufacturers

tuThe importance of the coiled metal spring has only been growing since its invention in the 18th century. Heavy duty coiled metal springs are popularly used in items ranging from shocks in bicycles to even instruments for the aerospace industry. Much of the world’s springs are made by the use of manually operated machines based on the engineering designs of the late 19th century. However, backed by several advantages, companies are increasingly shifting their preference towards the CNC spring forming machine.

What is the CNC spring forming machine?

CNC or Computerized Numeric Control is a technology where digital commands are interpreted by a physical machine so as to perform specific precision manufacturing function. Like the modern CNC based wire bending machine and the pipe bending machine, the spring forming machine has a set of mechanical arms with strong iron based components that can precisely bend metal wires to make springs, based on the set of CAD/CAM commands that are provided to a connected computer.

How To Make Precision Injection Moulds

tuIn the injection moulding process, parts are produced by injecting substances into a mould. Different types of materials, including metals, elastomers, and glasses are used in this process. Let’s know more about the making of precision injection moulds.

For making parts, the material is put into a hot barrel where it cools down taking the shape of the mould. Normally, moulds are made by expert mould makers using metals, such as aluminum and steel. Now, we will look at the important stages of the mould making process.

Precision Moulding

Injection moulding is done with the help of the state-of-the-art technology. Expert mould makers manufacture moulds that meet the needs of buyers. The process uses applied robotics and inspection processes that are automatic. The companies have different precision moulding methods that are followed in a controlled environment.

Product & Process Engineering

So, how are the parts and components created and refined? Well, experts make use of computer aided design apps for creating and refining parts. They also offer prototyping, such as SLS and SLA and Urethane Casting. But it depends on the company you are talking about. You have to get in touch with the company to know more about their product and process engineering techniques.

Solid Modeling

In solid modeling, engineers make use of 2D and 3D modeling technology in order to get the work done efficiently. For mould designing and analytical work, like stress analysis and element analysis, experts believe that solid modeling is a very good and cost-effective method. This method is also good for manufacturing stereo-lithography components for rapid tooling and first inspection.

Tool Manufacturing

Aside from solid modeling, the technology makes use of CAM and CAD apps. Aside from this, CNC and EDM technology is also used. The trained workforce is knowledgeable and committed to creating all types of parts and components that you can imagine. The tools can be used in the automotive or medical field, for instance.

Quality Control

As far as quality control goes, precision measurement is on the list of the most important things. The precision measurement of a reliable manufacturer is almost perfectly accurate. The quality control methods and the state-of-the-art machinery ensures that the requirements of the users are met.

Device Assembly

The expertise and experience of a manufacturer with mould making ensures that quality products are made that work according to the requirements of customers. The assembly options offered by most manufacturers are given below:

· Applied Automation

· Mechanical Bonding

· Hot Stamping

· Heat Staking

· Pad Printing

· Ultrasonic Welding

· Business Systems Integration

The goal of any manufacturer is customer satisfaction. And for this, they employ quality improvement processes.

So, this is how the precision injection moulds are made. The process makes it a lot easier to make moulds that are used to make components and parts. These parts are used in different industries. Even moulds are used for making car parts all over the world.

Why Hot Runner Systems Score Heavily Over the Cold Ones

ryThe utilization of hot runner frameworks is expanding because they give more productive strategy for the trimming of plastic parts. The cost can be generous, and the quality of parts is also vastly improved than rendered by the cold runners. With the expanding refinement of today’s plastic infusion forms, the utilization of hot runners systems is turning into an industry standard.

Numerous applications are basically impractical with the standard cold runner framework. The new runners offer an extraordinary approach to keep up uniform divider thickness and wipe out unwanted stream lines.

Some salient advantages of hot runner systems:

  • Capability to reduce gate vestige
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Highly reduced cycle times
  • Lesser amount of wastage
  • Reduction or riddance of knit lines
  • An ideal choice for high level cavitation moulding
  • Often the only technique for micro-moulding. The centre-to-centre gap of tips is as little as 17 mm.
  • Standardization of components is the significant source of huge savings in both material and manufacturing.
  • A large number of big-sized molds heavily rely upon hot runners as the cold ones cannot live up to the expectations.

Hot frameworks require different level of abilities. On the other hand, this does not imply that it is excessively entangled or exceptionally concentrated. An all around outlined framework is generally free from all types of maintenance related issues when it is appropriately installed. It can also happen that many mould producers get to be disappointed with these frameworks and swear that they are very much inconvenient. This is because the framework is not legitimately installed or inaccurately tried while executing the process of moulding.

The main framework makers have a very much trained group of professionals available to help with the best possible establishment and operation of the frameworks. The time burnt through listening to these masters is time well-spent. Despite the fact that there is a beginning venture with hot frameworks, it is difficult to legitimize the long-term advantages.

Even though you have to make a heavier initial investment with these new-age moulding systems, it is very easier to justify the guaranteed benefits in the long run. Without increasing the complicatedness of the basic design and structure of the mold, a hot runner system can decrease the costs to a surprising level.

Since it is designed, developed and manufactured in an independent manner, yet concurrently, the lead times are never affected. These are some of the prime reasons why hot runner systems score heavily over the cold ones. A well-conducted research work and insight into the industry would always be an added advantage if you are a newbie to the business.

Common Mistakes Made When Selecting a Steel Beam Supplier

sgChoosing a supplier for any type of equipment or material is tricky, especially if you are trade professional looking to forge a working relationship with a manufacturer or a supplier. This is because your projects and therefore clients’ satisfaction is dependent on a third-party, so you need to make sure that they are reliable and deliver excellent quality products too.

This is true of steel beam suppliers, where the ability to manufacture and supply these products in a timely fashion is essential in moving construction projects forward at a reasonable pace. Furthermore, steel beams need to be of a high standard if they are to be used in construction work – CE marked and ISO 9001 approved products should be the standard here.

With that in mind, there are several things to bear in mind when choosing a supplier. Here are some of the common mistakes that you might make, and how to approach the task differently to ensure success.

The first thing that you should consider is whether or not the steel beam supplier that you are considering can meet your very specific needs. This can include delivering a variety of products – from mezzanine floors and RSJ steel beams to steel platforms and racking. You should define your needs clearly, and then look for a steel beam supplier that can deliver on them.

A common mistake to make is to look for a supplier that delivers on the lowest price in one area but does not deliver the products that you need. What this can result in is you shopping around for several suppliers at once, all which offer the lowest prices.

Whereas this may mean that you are making some savings by working with the lowest priced supplier in several areas, consider that you will also be dealing with several different companies, each with different production methods, different teams of staff and different production and delivery schedules.

This can, of course, get very confusing and mean that you can spending more time than necessary coordinating all of these suppliers. Instead, finding one company that delivers across the board for a reasonable fee can be a far better idea, saving time in the short-term and money in the long-term.

The next common mistake that is made is choosing a company that uses a different means of communication than you by preference, or choosing one that is hard to communicate with due to a time difference or a language barrier. This is particularly the case when choosing an overseas supplier.

This is also true of domestic supplier however, as many trades people can find it discouraging that the company may have limited telephone contact hours, that the steel beam supplier rarely replies to emails or that the company does simple not offer your preferred method of communication.

It is essential that your modes of communication match up so that you are always able to get hold of someone should you run into a problem or if you want to make an urgent purchase of some stock products. Before you hire someone, make sure that you will be able to reach them in a way that suits you and investigate whether they have put in place a most wait time for responses.

The last error that many people makes is not investigating delivery times and costs, and also design and fabrication times. Some tradespeople work on very pressurised schedules, whereas others can afford to wait longer for high quality products. Similarly, some are on tighter budgets and others on more generous budgets.

Investigating how long the average production and delivery time is and how much it will cost will help you decide whether the steel beam supplier that you are considering is suitable for you. By avoiding this and other common errors mentioned above, you are more likely to find a supplier with whom you can forge a strong, long-term working relationship.